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2018 Ben F. Massey Jr. Scholarship Winner
Gillian McLean
Wingate University, DPT Class of 2018
"Receiving the Ben F. Massey Jr. Scholarship showed me that striving for excellence in class, personal development outside of school, and dedication to leadership are truly valued by the NCPTA. This opportunity also allowed me to be able to apply to neurologic residency a year earlier than originally planned."
2018 General Scholarship Winners
"I am extremely grateful to have been a recipient of this scholarship because it allowed me to finance CSM 2019 and other continuing ed courses, where I learned and grew as a future clinician and where I made very valuable connections with people in our field that I admire, and also allowed me to secure my final clinical placement with a clinician I look up to. In addition, this scholarship allowed me to continue financing my professional organization membership, which I highly value for its uttermost efforts to advocate on my behalf, keep me up to date, and lobby to move our profession forward."
Santiago Patiño, Western North Carolina University, DPT Class of 2020
"Being awarded a scholarship has assisted me greatly with the financial aspect of graduate school and has given me peace of mind with my finances, further allowing me to devote extra quality time to my academics in effort to be the best clinician I can possibly be!"
Drew McAbee, Methodist University, DPT Class of 2020
"Receiving a scholarship from The NCPTA Scholarship and Loan Fund, Inc. was such a blessing. I was honored to be chosen among my peers and to know that I am supported by those that I look up to in the world of physical therapy. My scholarship paid for my student fees and allowed me to purchase textbooks that I can use now in my classes, when prepping for the licensing exam, and in my future practice. I greatly appreciated not having the additional burden of purchasing textbooks on top of paying tuition for my program. Thank you!"
Leah Main, Campbell University, DPT Class of 2019
“Being awarded the NCPTA scholarship has lightened my financial burden of graduate school, thus allowing me to focus more on the most important aspects of school, which are studying and learning. This scholarship has given me the opportunity to earn skills that will better serve the medical community following graduation. Without generous scholarships such as this one, students such as myself would be unable to pursue advanced health care degrees. Thank you for enabling me to achieve my goal and dream of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy with the help of this scholarship.”
Ashley Lewis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, DPT Class of 2019
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